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If you’re ready to move, retire, or just invest, Belize is the ideal place! Belize Investment Group, a subsidiary of Travel Belize Now and GCP Realty, have been helping clients like you to make the right decision for over 15 years and have 100% customer satisfaction. With their expertise in home, condo, rental property, land, and commercial real estate, you will have the best real estate team working on your behalf.

Buying Belize real estate is easier than you think! The best part is that anyone can own property in Belize. There are no restrictions on foreigners buying real estate. Property taxes are a fraction of the cost of what they are in the United States or Canada. Belize is an English-speaking country, which makes it easier to negotiate and to realize your real estate dreams. Belize Investment Group and GCP Realtors also offers property management, relocation services, as well as offshore investment opportunities. Contact us; we do it all!

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GCP Realty knows all the best deals on and off market in Belize. Right now, we have an inventory of homes and beachfront condos under $200,000 USD, and trust us: these properties wont last. We know what it takes to negotiate the best prices for our clients. We understand the Belize real estate market conditions and what it takes for the process to be smooth and easy. That’s why we’re always innovating and pushing forward to connect properties with the right people. Don’t miss those opportunities; contact us now! You’ll be glad you did!

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Belize: The Best District to Invest in Real Estate.

Belize Investment Group continuously seeks out the most promising real estate opportunities as we research the market in order to best serve our clients. There are so many stunning new homes, condos, land, and businesses put on the market each and every day. We have a plethora of options that are for sale, so you are bound to fall in love with one of them.

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Belize Investment Group has a vast list of options that are all available for you. Moving can be a daunting process, but with our personalized services, outstanding agents, and world-class customer care, you will see how seamless the process can be. We’ve got you covered and can’t wait to help you!

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