About Travel Belize Now

Did you know that we at Travel Belize Now have been in business for over a decade?Travel Belize Now For the last ten years, Call Belize Home, as we were called, was your trusted travel, real estate, and business investment expert in Belize. In 2016, we decided to re-brand Call Belize Home to adapt to the company’s long-term vision in travel and real estate market growth. We then worked tirelessly to expand our products and experiences to provide unmatched traveling and business services.

Not every other travel companies can say that they are a locally-based agency that guarantees satisfaction of your travel experience 100%, but we can! Whenever you need a last-minute reservation or have unanticipated change of plans, we have a support team that you can completely rely on. Because we have been in the business for over ten years, the relationships with our partners have strengthened every year that our business grew —and more importantly, satisfied clients have been coming back for more.

Our Pledge: Travel Belize Now is committed to delivering an unparalleled travel and leisure experience so that you can submerge yourself in the wonders of Belize stress-free.

For more information about our business or our committment to you, please contact us!

For more information, email travelbelizenow@gmail.com.
If you are already in town, give us a call at 501-634-5467.
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