Hol Chan Marine Reserve is situated off the southern tip of Ambergris Caye. Hol Chan means ‘little channel’ in Mayan, and it is the oldest marine reserve in Belize. The marine reserve has received top acclaim from travel writers as the best spot for snorkeling. It attracts hundreds of tourists who want to take a dive in the blue sea and enjoy the underwater beauty.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve and What Makes it Attractive for Tourists

When you travel to Hol Chan, you have to bear with the large crowds of people who come for a dive. The management of the reserve organizes dives during the day and even at night to accommodate the large number of people. Having to mingle with so many people is just a minor inconvenience when compared to the great views that await you under the surface of the water.

For people who are new to snorkeling, Belize is a perfect place to start. The experienced divers encourage the new ones which give them the confidence to dive for a view of life under the sea. It is a perfect place for experienced divers too. While at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, you can consider taking a night dive as it offers a different view from experiences during the day.

Belize has endless opportunities for any travel enthusiast. However, you need to make your travel arrangements with the guide of a tourism authority in the area. Choosing a good trip adviser will ensure you miss nothing of the most exciting views in the area.

Other activities for tourists in Hol Chan

Apart from snorkeling, tourists can also enjoy boat rides. Most tourists hire the boats for half or whole day rides. The two-hour rides around the reserve are the most popular as the tourists enjoy the calm surroundings. For those who have the time, live-aboard boats are available for hire where visitors can enjoy week-long trips around the reserve.

The marine reserve provides plenty of diving activities for all the people to take part in irrespective of their level of experience. Amateur divers can find suitable sites to exercise their diving as they gain confidence to try more challenging locations.

The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a now a protected area. This status has allowed sea life that was previously threatened by extinction to rejuvenate. Apart from being an attraction for tourists, it is also a vital marine life refuge. That is why you have the opportunity to swim with rays and nurse sharks, gentle ocean creatures who thrive in this area. If you opt to snorkel, then you can swim among them, and even feed them!

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