The country of Belize is home to a lively smorgasbord of festivals all year long. Many Belize holidays and festivals hold a deeper meaning for the new fledgling country, signaling celebrations of freedom and progressive revolution, while others are rooted in centuries-old religious tradition. The Benque Fiesta, spanning sixteen whole days in mid-July, begins with a mass honoring the Cayo district’s patron saint. However, this solemnity quickly gives way to carnivals, live bands, parades, and farmer’s markets. Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the Fiesta, making this Belize holiday older than the country itself.

The Many Wonderful Belize Holidays and Festivals

The spectacular sightseeing in this country enhances the holiday experience as well. Belize’s 1,000-foot wide submarine sinkhole off its coast, the Great Blue Hole, is a world wonder in all but name, and Belize’s barrier reefs are a largely untouched and unknown thing of beauty. Divers travel from all around the world to enjoy these pristine tropical marvels, and if they make the trip in August, they’ll see that the town next to the Great Blue Hole, San Pedro, is hosting its international Costa Maya Festival. The festival is five days long because five countries participate, and each country takes a day to immerse the public in its own rich, flavorful culture and history. From ancient dances of the Yucatecan Mayas to parades rivaling the Rio Carnival, the Costa Maya Festival is a visual treat. From there, it’s only a short trip to Belize’s Great Blue Hole to finish off the perfect holiday.

Since the young country is only in its thirties, September’s Independence Day is a momentous time that reverberates with hope for the future, and with the sound of huge fireworks. For the more historically inclined, there are several holidays whose significance dates further back, such as St. George’s Caye Day, named for the picturesque little island on which the Spanish were defeated in the late 1700s. War reenactments with colorful costumes create a special kind of entertainment, enhanced by the awareness and veneration of Belizean history.

Some other major holidays in Belize include the Chocolate Festival in May, the Lobster Festival in June and July, and the big New Year’s celebration. The Chocolate Festival celebrates the fine chocolate products made and sold in Belize. The Lobster Festival is the beginning of the lobster season and takes place when things are less crowded; the festival features free music, lots of food and drinks, and, of course, all things lobster. Finally, New Year’s in Belize is a huge affair, and one that’s not to be missed.

Some travelers want to visit Belize’s ancient Mayan temple and learn about its fraught but valiant history, and some just want to party and enjoy the entertainment. Belize festivals bring history, food, breathtaking sights, time-honored rituals, and exciting parades and dances together into one great celebration quite unlike anything else on the planet.

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