Native Belizean dishes can help give you an understanding of the locale in a way few other things can. The good news is that food found in Belize (or, “Belizean cuisine”) offers a tremendous amount of variety. So you can certainly find food in Belize that can satisfy any taste, particularly if you opt for the Beach BBQ tour with Travel Belize Now. Before that, though, let’s talk a little about the kinds of things you might get to taste during your stay with us.

Traditional Food in Belize for You to Start With

Starting with a few of the more traditional foods can prepare you for digging into some of the more exotic dishes.

Belizean rice and beans (or beans and rice) – Rice and kidney beans stewed with coconut milk. You will see this dish on every menu as it’s the main meal of the culture. You can also have it stewed with chicken, beef, or pork. Note that if you order “beans and rice,” you will receive the beans separate from the rice.

Tamales (and tamalitos) – Tamales stuffed with beans, pork, or chicken. Seasonings and other vegetables can go into the tamale as well. The tamales are wrapped in a plantain leaf, then steamed. Much like rice and bean dishes, you can find tamales just about anywhere in and around Belize. You will also likely come across tamalitos, which are basically mini-tamales.

Panades – You may know them as empanadas. In Belize, you can find them filled with beans or fish. There’s also countless other things inside depending on the chef and what you order.

There’s other staples, but these represent some of the most common. They’re also the most familiar to travelers.

Getting Into Belizean Seafood

You will usually see fish, conch, and shrimp dishes on any menu. Actually, you can taste pretty much all of those things in one particular Belizean dish called ceviche.

Ceviche – This dish can consist of conch, fish, or shrimp. It can also come in combinations of any one, two, or all three of these things. The chef will dice the seafood and steep it in lime juice. It’s then tossed with sliced peppers, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes. It’s a great lunch or appetizer item.

There’s So Much More to Belizean Food

There’s so much more food in Belize than simply what is listed above. These items do give you a good place to start. If you really want to experience all the culinary delights Belize has to offer, you should take the journey and sample it all for yourself by taking one of our famed Beach BBQ tours. You can enjoy a full day, totally customized excursion on a private boat for you and your family or friends. We will plan a trip exclusively for your group! For the Beach BBQ and other tours’ information, you should get in touch with Travel Belize now, the authority on travel, tourism, excursions, real estate, and more in Belize. Belize is the destination of endless possibilities, and we will be your guides on this tropical journey.