I got an offer I could not refuse.  “Come meet us at Fido’s Dock in downtown San Pedro and try Belize parasailing. Just give it a try.” I’d never been parasailing.  I’ve seen the parachutes floating over the reef but heights?  SO not my thing.

After a few weeks of hemming and hawing, I decided to give it a try.  In the timeless words of Khloe Karadashian: “YOLO!”  You only live once.  Plus… it would make for great pictures.

But allow me to back up a bit.  I had an appointment to meet Captain Jimmy and his first mate at the Fido’s dock at 11am.  They were ready to go…

Flying over Ambergris Caye with Belize Parasailing

Parasailing Boat - Travel Belize Now

The parachute was laid out and we just needed to hop on the boat.  Don’t be nervous, I was told, this is all very controlled and very safe.  They test the equipment each morning and my harness, that can seat up to three people, can hold 800lbs.

Parasailing in Belize - Travel Belize Now

I tried not to whimper.  But it really was a beautiful day to dangle 350 feet over the sea.

Parasailing Experience - Travel Belize Now

I got a briefing from the captain.  Basically I only needed to sit in my harness…and get lifted up up and away.

Parasailing Guide - Travel Belize Now

You sit on the back of the boat and then slowly and gently… you are flying.

Parasailing Tour - Travel Belize Now

And up…

Parasailing Ocean - Travel Belize Now

And then I had the chance to look around.  How beautiful.

Parasailing in Belize - Travel Belize Now
I can’t think of a better way to take in this sort of view of the island.  Helicopter rides are fantastic…thrilling…amazing…but priced way over most peoples’ budgets.
The stunning view south:

Parasailing Beautiful Views - Travel Belize Now

And out to the reef.  Once you get to 350 feet it is absolutely silent…the rustle of wind once in a while…

Parasailing Gorgeous Ocean - Travel Belize Now

The island, town and the lagoon side:

Parasailing San Pedro - Travel Belize Now

I was so busy gawking and taking pictures that I barely noticed Tony waving at me from the boat.  Frantically.  I could not hear what he was saying but I didn’t need to….

Parasailing Ambergris Caye - Travel Belize Now
DOLPHINS!  2 adults and a smaller one.  Sigh… Nothing could have made me happier.

Parasailing Dolphins - Travel Belize Now

Parasailing Blue Waters - Travel Belize Now

I love how the boats below seem to just hover.

Parasailing Coastline - Travel Belize Now

After ten minutes, it was time to get reeled back in.

Parasailing Tours - Travel Belize NowReally just float back in…and when you get to the boat grab the bar right over your head and walk onto the boat.  Easy.  You don’t have to get wet, you can bring your camera, your sunglasses, whatever you like. You could probably bring a sandwich.

Parasailing Expertise - Travel Belize Now

Very very cool way to see the island.  Belize parasailing felt completely safe – slightly thrilling but not scary (and this is from a complete chicken) and the view was absolutely unparalleled.

As I got off and thanked the guys, I saw something else… a “subwing”… a new kind of tour…

Subwing - Travel Belize Now


Stop by Fido’s dock on a gorgeous day.  These guys are certainly waiting for you.

Parasailing Tour Guide - Travel Belize Now

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